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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  March 29, 2016 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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news involving a plane hijacked in egypt. a major development involving the alameda county sheriff's department following a video of a violent beating. good morning. welcome to mornings on 2. ornings on 2. an egyptian man claiming to have a belt filled with explosives gave them the name of a woman and asked her to give him a note. egyptian authorities say eight passengers on the plane are
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american. the flight left egypt and was supposed to fly to cairo. pakistan's prime minister is vowing a swift response to the terrorist attack on easter sunday. a suicide bomber targeted a children's play area at a park killing 70 and injuring 300. isis group said they were specifically targeting christians. most of the victims were muslims. pakistan's prime minister canceled a planned trip to the u.s. this week for a nuclear security summit in washington, d.c. following the attack. the country declared three days of mourning. the man identified as the third airport bomber in the terror attack in brussels is still at large. belgium police arrested a man they initially identified as the man in the hat. yesterday they released the man saying the evidence didn't support holding him any longer. the u.s. is assisting in the
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investigation in brussels where authorities have been criticized for not doing more to prevent terrorism. >> you and the president of the united states talked about the need to share intelligence information among themselves but also with the united states. >> 35 people from nine countrys were killed in the explosions at the airport and at the subway station. let's get you started with a look at weather and traffic. steve, we had sprinkles. >> we had more than that yesterday. it was good in the afternoon. >> it came from out of nowhere. >> it came from somewhere. it came from the east and the north. today will be calmer. no doubt. yesterday afternoon you could see things building off to the east and north. the line stretched but most of the bay area. it is the low in nevada. we are on the drier side. air flow still comes out of the north. will not be as windy or breezy.
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it will be slightly warmer. sierra, nevada in the window for moisture wrapping back around the low. we have 30s. 30s, 40s and 50s any breeze holding your temperature up will start off sunny. we'll get fair weather q's over the hills today. i don't expect any instability. the low is too far to the east. little chilly. mostly sunny. a little warmer. a breeze will pick up. near normal temperatures. south 403 how are you? >> i'm well. you steve? >> never better. >> i bet you. grab your cup of coffee. i'm going to take that back. grab your cup of coffee and go now. you don't have to it.
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it is nice and light. i have a feeling it will stay this way. bay bridge toll plaza doesn't look bad at all coming in from san francisco. i drove across this bridge yesterday, it was a little windy. 880 northbound and southbound the traffic is moving along west well in both directions. if you are driving in the south bay the traffic is off to a good started. 4:04 back to the desk. three people were rescued overnight after being stuck on a cliff side for hours. it started 9:00 p.m. in the national seashore. marin county sheriff's department said someone noticed stranded hikers half way down a 200 foot cliff and called 9-1- 1. one of the hikers managed to climb to the beach below. this picture these search of rescue team trying to get to the other hikers. in the end a helicopter was
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brought in and pulled the hikers to safety. a when who claimed he was beaten by alameda county sheriff's deputies says surveillance video showed two deputies tackled and beat him last november in a san francisco alley way. he is accused of leading authorities on a high-speed chase in the east bay in a stolen car which he used to ram a patrol vehicle. a third deputy has been suspected accused of stealing jewelry from him and giving it as hush money to a homeless couple who witnessed the beating. >> i came around the corner. he was like i found something. he passed me a very nice gold chain. >> the couple sold the necklace for $1500. police uniform camera recorded the entire confrontation.
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san francisco d.a. has that video and is considering filing criminal charges. the alameda county sheriff will speak about the case this afternoon. santa clara county deputy's sheriff's union is asking the county to investigate sheriff lori smith. smith is accused of leaking information about a brawl caught on video earlier this month. it claims smith went to a jail and showed text messages of guards under investigation. smith did this in an effort to dissuade the commission from recommending she should be stripped of her command over the jails. a police shooting at a lowe's home improvement store ends the man hunt for the suspect accused of shooting an 8-year-old concorde boy. police had been searching for
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him since friday's shooting outside of the child's home. someone who recognized him spotted him monday in fair field. he pulled in the lowes parking lot off highway 80. three fair field officers tried to arrest him. the confrontation caused one of the officers to open fire. he was taken to the hospital listed in critical condition. the 8-year-old boy's mother is great the suspect is now in custody. >> it is a few bricks off my chest. it has been a struggle the last few days. it has been really tough on all of us. >> 8-year-old josh, pictured here has a bullet lodged in the right side of his neck that can not be removed. jared is a long time family- friend who got in an argument with one of the family members. fbi's legal battle with am
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is over. department of justice says it was it calls a third party hack into the i-phone of the san bernardino shooter. apple refused to help the government saying that would set a dangerous legal precedent. now apple says the government needs to tell its specialist how the phone was broken into it. this is about more than a single phone and the privacy of individuals. >> this is about protecting businesses and protecting proprietary information, protecting trade secrets, protecting customer lists and protecting government secrets. >> while this particular high profile legal case is no longer being pursued, dempsey predicts a larger battle looms on whether companies can build unbreakable technologies on phones and computers in the future. wisconsin makes the next place for the presidential race. this morning ted cruz is laying
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down a new challenge before donald trump. while president obama is weighing in on politics. rich dennyson explains. >> reporter: presidential candidates from both parties are actively campaigning in wisconsin. >> what could does it do to win a primary in a big way and lose big time. i'm the only one to beat hillary clinton. >> reporter: ted cruz focused on donald trump. >> reporter: so far trump is not taking the bait. >> he is lose big a lot. i have millions more votes than him in the primary. >> reporter: at a journalism awards ceremony on monday president obama urged reporters to hold the candidates to a higher standard. >> it is worth asking ourselves
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what each of us as politicians or journalists may have done to contribute to this atmosphere in our politics. >> reporter: this as frontrunner hillary clinton is campaigning in wisconsin take aim at her gop rivals with this jab monday. >> it has given rise to the extremist candidacies donald trump and ted cruz and corroded our democracy and has to stop. >> reporter: bernie sanders is not giving up his fight. >> in poll after poll we have been beating donald trump in double-digits. >> reporter: the primaries take place april 5th. former republican presidential candidate marco rubio has formally taken his name off the california ballot. he probably doesn't want to
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split the vote. candidates have until friday to officially remove their names from the primary ballot. 40 names of candidates remain including ben carson, jeb bush, chris christie. the commercial crab season was started over the weekend. testing was done on the crabs to find out if their meat to weight ratio was sufficient so a price cob set. the crab season was supposed to start last move november but was delayed because of a high algae toxin in the crab. another sexual assault is under investigation in burkeley this morning. up next, what police are saying about the late night attack and the religion between the
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victim. the suspect. u.s. capitol visitors' center will be back opened today after a man was shot after pulling out a gun. g out a gun. yesterday afternoon was exciting. that has since moved off and dies down. today will be quieter and warmer. that's coming up. coming up.
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east bay police are investigating a sexual assault in berkley. it happened sometime between 9:00 and 9:30 last night on university avenue. the female victim and the male attacker had planned to meet there. she was taken to highland hospital after the assault. at last check this morning officers were still looking for the suspect. uc burkeley called sexual harassment and violence on campus the biggest challenge today. the dean of social sciences of the university has been called to handle high profile harassment allegations against
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the law school dean and the assistant men's basketball coach. >> it is starting a revolution of change. >> she will create a campus peer review board, establish protocals and help the school become more transparent in handling sexual harassment cases. security is expected to be beefed up today in washington. authorities have identified a suspect as 66-year-old pastor larry dawson of tennessee. witnesses say he pulled out a gun at the visitors center causing capitol police to shoot him. his condition this morning has not been released. capitol complex was locked down during the incident. >> all of a sudden it was a scramble with people yelling and screaming. and officers coming out from every direction with guns drawn saying shots had been fired. >> a woman also sustained a minor injury and was released after being treated at the scene. dawson was arrested and charged last october, as well, for an
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outburst inside the house chamber. he claimed to be a profit of god. not everyone in cuba is thrilled with president obama's historic visit at the island nation earlier this month. retired cuban leader fidel castro wrote a column in the newspaper. he warned for cubans not to fall for washington's sweet talk. he called the u.s. the empire. political analysts say fidel's political views are out of touch with cuban who want a relationship with the u.s. it is a week after easter. sal castaneda is keeping an eye on the roads. how was yesterday? >> it was a little bit better than usual. we'll take a little bit. i think you'll see good conditions out there. let's take a look at the
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commute. there are no major problems on 24 westbound driving toward oakland from walnut creek or lafayette. the traffic is moving along nicely. also looking at the toll plaza of the bay bridge. you can see traffic is light. no major problems through san francisco. if you are driving in the south bay we continue to be looking very good right now. as a matter of fact traffic is looking good all the way through. we are looking good on the peninsula. 4:18. let's go to steve. >> thank you, sir. everything is calmed down after yesterday afternoon. our low settled in and gave us the breeze, the wind and in the afternoon clouds started to bubble up. we had many reports of hail to san jose and in your backyard, as well. rain started. it is east. we are too far to the west now. cold air is in place. there are 30s popping up. i think there will be more. were on the drier side.
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maybe the sacramento valley will get clipped into one. southern california and san diego dealing with rain. same for las vegas. 38 at napa and santa rosa. livermore 38. mill valley 43. 21 truckee. snow yesterday. reno lots of snow there. system has moved far enough east and south it won't be a factor for us. a few clouds will develop over the hills late in the afternoon. they'll be the fair weather q's. there is the low into nevada. watch as this goes across the four corners. this will be a whopper of a system. the low came down. it was an inside slider. there was enough there to generate a little bit activity. mostly sunny and breezy. warmer today. temperatures were help down yesterday. it will be a chilly morning and cold. mostly sunny. the breeze will pick up. it will not be as bad as
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yesterday. temperatures near average. should be close to 68. we'll be near there for some. after today then temperatures in the morning will be chilly. afternoon highs will continue to warm up. as specially as we head towards the end of the week. the weekend looks okay, as well. >> i don't live too far away from you. i saw your post yesterday. i didn't see any rain. a lot of people nearby saw rain. >> being the geek that i am, we went to safeway. i was taking pictures. this guy said what are you doing? i said me and two other guys are sending photos to each other of this thunderstorm that's forming. it was coming down. there were good reports of hail. >> in oakland it was just tiny sprinkles. i could see the dark clouds developing. >> i saw them. i texted my buddy and i said it is bubbling up.
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it was fun. >> thank you very much. campbell's soup announced a big change following serious health concerns. by next year it will phase out soup canned lined with bpa. the cans have had that chemical in the lining for 40 years. f.d.a. says bpa is safe for consumers. recent studies linked low doses of bpa to some cancers. last year california added bpa to a list of chemicals known to pose a danger to women's reproductive systems. san francisco still tallying up costs of superbowl 50. why security could cost more than originally expected.
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looks like extra security for superbowl related events this year costs san francisco more than originated. the city is still adding up the cost. the price of police overtime totals $3 million-dollars. that's a million more than estimated. the chief said security plans changed after the san bernardino and paris terror attacks in the fall. the department requested $700,000 federal reimbursement since the federal government added the extra security. san jose sharks are back in the stanley cup playoffs. they clinched their spot with a 5-2 win over l.a. kings. sharks missed the playoffs last season for the first time in
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ten years. sharks head up to vancouver tonight. stanford introduced its new men's basketball coach. jared hoss is the 18th head coach in history. it is a north carolina native and started at cal for college before transferring to kansas. he talked about the style of basketball he plans to bring the stanford. >> we are top five in assists. we share the basketball and try to attack in a variety of ways. defensively we'll try to create havoc to create turnovers. >> i like it. good basketball there. he replaced fired head coach johnnie dawkins. clay thompson is the warrior's player of the week.
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thompson is coming off two consecutive 40 point games for the first time in his career. he lead the warriors to four wins last week. last week. warriors host the washington wizards tonight and go to utah for a game tomorrow before coming home to host the boston celtics on friday night. >> we wish them the best. coming up on 4:30. coming up on "mornings on 2" we continue to follow breaking news from egypt where a plane was hijacked overnight. the unusual demand from the hijacker and why officials don't believe it is a case of terrorism. we have new information in the alameda county sheriff's department beating case. the reason a third deputy has been suspended. good morning. we are looking at a morning commute that doesn't look bad if you are driving on the east
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shore freeway it is a nice looking drive to the mcarthur maze. all the afternoon activity from yesterday has pushed east and south. we are done with that. the temperatures are cool this morning. we'll look at those coming up.
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a lot of 30s. we'll take you back to yesterday afternoon. on satellite is coming up. we'll look back at the satellite not take you back. things are calmed down and cleared out. the breeze has tailed off. yesterday afternoon was a lot
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of fun. it was really popping up there. looking at satellite. there is not much going on. the cloud cover has moved off. it dissipates once you get to sunset and overnight. numerous reports santa rosa, martinez, concorde. i'm leaving out a bunch. danville on the hail reports. there were many. it was good for a low that came in mainly over land. it did pick up moisture and a steep lapse rate. that allowed that to develop later in the afternoon. we are on the drier side and the colder side. there are many 30s and 40s. livermore 38. walnut creek 38 degrees. black hawk 39. if you have a breeze pittsburg, antioch and brentwood that temperature held up. today will be sunny. i think there will be development over the hills. it will be the puffy variety. chilly cold morn


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